This is a Weekly Game Jam #102 submission. The theme was "One Big Boss"

This is a short game where you fight a boss that changes it's patterns depending on it's HP values. 

You can fight it back by jumping into an "attack box" that will fire off a projectile whenever you jump.


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Really fun game! Attacking is a bit strange, but not annoying. I did notice that the player could get stuck on the sides of platforms, and the jump is a little unresponsive. You might also want to give feedback when the player takes damage, maybe a sound effect, particle effect, or animation. I found myself dying and not knowing what hit me because of this. Other than that great job!

Thank you for the feedback! 

Definitely could have gave the player more coherent feedback that they have been hit. The movement stuff was there from the very early stages and I decided to not fix it then as I wanted to get all the core parts of game play working first. Turns out it's easy to run out of time.

I'm looking to revisit this in the next week and polish it up a bit more, fixing the clunky jumps and giving more feedback to what is happening is going to be priority #1 :)