A downloadable heist for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A browser version is available over on newgrounds!

The YEAR IS 30XX and you are on a heist.
Your target? An ERDIUM-160 mining station.
Your issue? Security checks.

Piece the clues together and lie in the most free-form way possible, uncovering 8 different endings.

Explore a tight environment full of quirky characters! Each with their own story, clues, puzzles and mysteries!


They all need something done!

Brin - Technically an artist
Mathias - Artistically technical
Eszter - Rave musician
James - SFXetremist

font by Daniel Linssen

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorsBrin, pastelsavage, JamesMusic, 03gle
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Made withUnity, Aseprite
TagsMultiple Endings, Narrative, Slice Of Life, Space, Story Rich, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles


WINDOWS (tested) 33 MB
MAC (tested on Big Sur) 43 MB


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This video game really expects people to lie?
Why would anyone sane even a bit ever do that?

Very nice game, good job! Linux version works fine on ubuntu 20.04 :)


Got all the cool endings and I am FILLED with JOY! I wish there was a secret 9th one!

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Some time back I made a D&D character (thief/Bard) who was a con artist instead of a traditional snatch and run thief, and this gave me some great flashbacks to it. 

I like the simple premise; grab the valuable Erdium and convince the gaurd to let you through security with it. Between this and the next episode I actually managed 6/8 endings. Golly Joy-O-Bot took longer than it should have, I way over thought it, haha. I found the code dump but kept thinking alpha and delta would just write as "A" and "D" and when that didn't work thought that the binary description failure meant that the numbers I got might be backwards or something, then there was what I think was a glitch that sent me on some theories for a while, I'll talk about that in a sec but overall it was fun trying to figure it out.

I'm down to just the Joyful Worker and the Manager now, spent a lot of time trying to get it but am a bit stumped.

So I had potentially a glitch while I was trying to figure out Joy-O-Bot's? The Guard name was changing slightly, letters were being added to it. But it wasn't consistent as I would sometimes put the same things twice and the name would just go back to GUARD. The strangest was I think "lGaUrAeR?D" (yes including the question mark in the title) I kept thinking it was a clue to the Joy-O-Bot puzzle, but now that I got that one, I'm not sure what it was. Letters were slowly being added as I made mistakes so I feel like it's trying to spell something?

Anywho, the game was a lot of fun and rewarding to figure out. The subtle nod to Team Rocket gave me a good laugh. Very well designed, I hope another game like this comes out or more people/puzzles get added in. Thanks for the fun!

Thank you for playing, watching the video made me smile :)! I dont think anyone of us wants to touch the project anymore so I dont think we will fix that bug. I would suggest checking out the manual thats provided with the game if youre stuck with joy-o-bot :)

I actually worked on a simillar, small-world-loads-of-endings with James before so feel free to check it out: https://brin-o.itch.io/binary

And me, 03gle and James are currently working on another one with a similar concept :)

Game aside, i like how you are using drawing character not your face. Really! Your video is exactly what i want my video look like!

Thank you for make this video, i hope you became a good gamer!

The game is super fun! Love the atmosphere :)


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ive been pulling my hair out to try to get all 8 endings and ive only gotten 2... 2 and its the easyist ones. the erdium one and the arrested one. HOW DO YOU DO THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Consult the manual that comes with the game!

i have. ive looked around the entire map and only found erdium

What I would suggest doing, is reading all of the dialogue, and choosing words within it.

If this dosent work i give up

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Well i did it... got two more endings to go... tnx 4 the help! i appreciate it!

Deleted 1 year ago

reverse uno card



Getting all eight endings was difficult but rewarding!


Excellent game!
Love the minimalistic art.
The linux version works on Linux Mint 18.3 & 20.2


Thanks for reporting it works on linux :)


Really cute game! The writing had me smiling throughout, not sure how many endings there are but I like the use of free text entry with the guard.

Feels like a reward for reading the dialogue closely.

Me gustó mucho!

A very fun game! I enjoyed trying to figure out the different ways to get an ending! However, I noticed a bug with the passcode ending. On both web and windows versions, it doesn't display that you achieved a new ending, leading me to believe that there was some sort of error. Other than that, the game was nice!