Left click to shoot, space to dash. WSAD to move.


003_juicyCamera.zip 7 MB


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Feels good, but I would prefer the mouse position to be the point where the player moves towards, but that may be an intended game mechanic. The arrow in front of the player is confusing too

Hi! Thanks a bunch for the feedback. I updated the build so the player dashes towards the muse now.

The little arrow is supposed to point you towards the "minigame" target but i agree that right now it does feel clunky. Originally I had it point towards the cursor location and I reverted it back to this since the dash will always happen towards that direction now.

Thanks again :)

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You're welcome, feels better now! Also, IMO the spacebar feels more "powerful" when pressing than the mouse. Maybe put the arrow in front of the player trail, and add some particle or simple color change/ blink effect when the dash bar is full, I pressed multiple times when I thought it was full, but it wasn't, that would make it more clear. Last point, is it intended to not be able to dash without any player movement?

Oh I just noticed, you're able to bug into the enemies when directly dashing at them 

Hey thanks for all the feedback! I'll definitely be refining this prototype and figuring out the control scheme a bit better. Better feedback to the player when dash is not on CD is for sure something that I need to do. What exactly do you mean with "arrow in front of the player trail"? Do you mean to say it should render above the trail?