The game has been updated with 1-2 more hours of juice work and control fixing.

This game has been made as a part of Trijam 62, a 3 hour game jam.
After the jam I spent an hour or so adding a bit more juice to the game, you can play that version on my newgrounds:

Play as Nina the Nun and show the infected farmers how to rid themselves of the filthy infections! However, it's not so simple, each of them needs to be healed in a different way and there seems to be more and more of them. Can you handle them all?

The BGM is a Für Elise remix done by Vista Sound 13 from New Grounds. I practically listened to this on loop for the last 1 hour of the jam so I decided to make it the game's song.

I know I'm stretching the theme a bit, let me be ok.

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