Play as Kro, pickup your crowbar and find your way out of cloud-land.

Arrow Key/WASD - Movement
Space - Attack

Brin - Design/Initial Art
Magran- Art/Font
Soren- Music

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsAction-Adventure, Cute, Exploration, fake3d, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Short


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Thanks for the game!

It was a very 'juicy' experience: I liked how lush and pleasant visual and audio feedback was to all my actions. Nice sounds, particle effects, animations too!

The ending was a bit unclear for me: after pushing all three buttons, a tree sapling appears and when I touch it, it disappears and the game shows me the end credits. I guess my goal was to return green into this world by the magic of button pushing? It's an ok goal, but it felt thematically detached from the rest of the game and not really connected to the whole crowbar thing.

Speaking of which, I've managed to complete the game by only using the titular tool two or three times (it was mostly because after one hit it detached from my character and just kept spinning in one place). It was almost more satisfying than trying to beat all the enemies, which I did on my second playthrough.


In this game everything fits - the concept itself and the realisation:
I  didn't find any heavy bugs, also the realisation of the mechanics seems very steady, also I very liked the artstyle and the composition and sound design in general.
I very liked this game!

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Art style and living cloud very nice!

Spasibo! :D


i like the artstyle