WSAD/Arrow Keys - Movement

K/X/Space - Interact


Prototype 3 for Making Games at MSc in Games (ITU Copenhagen).

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Interesting concept for a game :D 

I really like how you also used customization of page so that it looks that desert is never ending.

All the quotes from cactuses and plants were super funny and I was clicking on all of them if they would give me some additional info where bucket and where water is.

One critic about the game (maybe this was intentional as title says) I was confused and lost as hell. I found bucket by coincidence. But for water I went to top left side of the map and then walked down and went one right and then up and then repeated process until I came and found water (it was not super fun... in between I wanted to quit). But I guess this was whole point of the game to feel lost and hopeless in the wast desert with only funny cactuses around :D 

Keep on the good work and I am looking forward to more prototipes :D