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How to unlock other weapon

Hi there! You can unlock another weapon and another movement ability by completing the two optional levels in the three-level cluster. Then you can equip them in the bottom-left button :)

i love this aesthetic, what style would this be? 

game is not working for me when i click play the game just crash


Wow super clever game! Very intuitive and fun to play

you should be able to skip the intro tho

super fun game! 


the second weapon is ridiculously broken.

Let me explain

The first weapon

- punishes you for playing safe

- has a shit damage output unless you live dangerously

The second weapon

-rewards you for playing safe

- has a ridiculous damage output.

My suggestion - make the first weapon have a slight damage curve.

nerf the damage output on the second one

seriously, it wasn't much of a grind to do all of the bosses hitless.

hi, thanks a lot for the input!

for this demo, we wanted to try out what would the game look like if we added a weapon that rewards a safe gameplay style. Before, this weapon would do more damage the faster you were while picking it up (therefore, also rewarding danger), but we wanted to give iteration a shot.

being honest, I am not extremely happy with how that specific attack turned out, and we will definitely tune it for the final game

thank you for commenting, and I'll raise this up again to our designer!


your obb game is so good can you make a game out of it please?


Wow, that was really cool.


Clearly a gem, great mechanics, feedbacks, gameplay.

Awesome !

good game, but it becomes slower and lagyer when im in fullscreen and fast but hard to see in outscreen (or without fullscreen I should say?)

have you tried playing in low gfx mode? on the pause or start menu just untick the high gfx checkbox.

yes and on without it


Dude, this is sick!

Solid design and aesthetic. Think balancing could maybe be changed a bit. Great game.

hi! what do you find off about the balancing?

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