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Greetings Labour Worker 20. You are expected to repair the Power Reactor of an aboandoned space ship. You will have to navigate it's interior that is infested with aliens and a malfunctioning repair system. Sucsess is expected.

The game is meant to be played at 1280 x 720 resolution!

This game was originally made for Global Game Jam 2020 and Global Bolt Jam 8. It is currently being updated and we are working on getting a WebGL version that fully works as something is breaking it right now. In the meantime please use the Windows/Mac/Linux version.

The game is a submission for Global Game Jam & Global Bolt Jam. You can find a few gifs of Bolts Visual scripting below.
Player Controller:  https://streamable.com/hwztf
Enemy Patrolling AI:  https://streamable.com/c2lnk


SpaceRepairLinuxBoltJam.zip 82 MB
SpaceRepairMacBoltJam.7z 77 MB
SpaceRepairWin.zip 83 MB

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