26.08.2022 - Changelog

A short list of new things you can find since the last demo version.

Boss Fights:

  • All previous levels have been adjusted in difficulty to achieve a more comprehensible difficulty curve
  • A new introductonary level has been added
  • A level cluster has been added Level clusters allow you to pick which of the, harder, levels you wish to try to unlock the next nodes. Defeating extra bosses unlocks modules.This should increase the accessibility and prevent getting stuck on parts of the game, while rewarding players who are able to defeat all of the bosses.
  • An extra hard, demo exclusive level (/TRAINGLE) has been added. This level should be a good example of what players are able to find in the later stages of the game.


  • DSH has been adjusted, encouraging players to dash more often for a short period of time
  • PCK module has been reworked. Its damage no longer scales with speed. Instead it grows over time while not being picked up. This creates a gameplay style that is completely different from the CLASSIC attack module, encouraging timing instead of always going fast. Additionally, it prevents us the headache of having to figure out how to balance the DSH+PCK combination which create a gameplay paradigm where being invulnerable while dealing insane damage was inevitable without making other module combinations with said abilities lame.


  • All of the highscores have been wiped, and you can now unlock 14 different achievements


  • Every single attack, sprite, VFX received a visual uplift. It now looks ✨clean✨.
  • Moving attacks now feature trail lines to help you better judge their speed

Sounds: We’ve abandoned our 8bit ways, the SFX are now soothing sounds that will feel as tactile as watching keyboard ASMR videos

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